“I believe everyone has a gift and when we share our gifts with the world, we make the world a better place. That’s what Create Your Culture means to me.” – Jack Simon

Great meeting you,

My name is Jack. Welcome to my website and thank you for being here.

I have a passion for travel, great books, and helping people in business.

Let’s work together.

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Jack Simon is an online entrepreneur, speaker, author, and real estate investor.

In 2017 he partnered with real estate entrepreneur, Rico Smith, to launch and service an online school for Self Development and Wholesale Real Estate Investment, MadPaperCoaching.com.

In 2015 he founded a software company, EPKpage, to provide electronic press kits to artists and musicians.


From 2011-2016 as Founder and Creative Director of Brister Street Productions and BristerFest, Simon hosted or co-produced hundreds of events and festivals, half-a-dozen music videos, and helped raise over $15K for nonprofit causes.

You can find his book at createyourculturebook.com and you can contact him at jacksimon.org

Here’s my 2 cents:

“Everyone has a unique ability to make the world a better place”
“Follow your dreams to live the dream”
“If you don’t take your dreams seriously, who will?”
“The creative power within you is infinite”
“Anything is possible; we have to be creative”
“We simultaneously create the past and future every moment”
“We have just begun to tap the unlimited potential of our planet’s resources”
“Smile; it’s contagious”
“If it is true that a cause exists for every effect, then it is proven that everything happens for a reason”