Wow! Exciting times. We have been working overtime to get this app developed and ready for launch on September 1st. People are signing up and testing the platform! This is big!

Read the article in the Memphis Business Journal here:

Brister Street Music Fest creator forms music business startup

by Michelle Corbet:

The entrepreneur behind Brister Street Music Festival has created a local music business technology startup.

EPKPage, founded by CEO Jack Simon, enables bands, musicians and entertainers to create an electronic press kit in order to better communicate with venues.

“This is a tool that artists can use to get booked at venues, festivals, and higher paying gigs,” Simon said. “EPKpage allows you to create an electronic press kit within five minutes or less on your computer, tablet or smartphone.”

Tim Stanek, a local musician who makes a living performing at nursing homes in the greater Memphis area, was the first to sign up for the new service.

“EPKpage allows me to communicate better to the activities directors that I work with,” Stanek said. “A lot of the times I’ve been booking my gigs by physically being present and talking with them, but this is going to allow me to follow up better with activities directors after I make that initial connection. This will allow me to expand my reach and perform music for more people.”

Twelve artists and one record label have signed up for EPKPage so far. The software is in private beta right now, and will officially launch Sept. 1. A launch party will take place at Ardent Studios Sept. 1 from 6:30-9 p.m.

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Launching this company tomorrow!

Been working really hard for months to prepare for this launch! Wish me luck.


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