In August last year I decided to go to Egypt to see the Pyramids of Giza. This was something I have always wanted to do ever since I found out about the pyramids as a child. When I decided to go I thought, “Well, if I’m already going to be all the way over there, what else can I see while I’m there?” So I started reading tons of books and looking at tour agencies itineraries to get ideas and create my own tour.

In 7 days I visited 20 temples, sites, and museums. It was an enlightening, eye-opening, inspiring, and humbling experience.

Egypt is tough. You’re in the desert. Breathing sand is something that no amount of books can prepare you for. It’s not like going to New Orleans or Atlanta or something, it’s a whole different world over there in Egypt.

Trips like that make you realize how fortunate we are to drink clean water and breathe clean air.

If Egypt is calling you, I would encourage you to take the trip. You will not regret it.

I hope you enjoy these photos. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you like what you see, subscribe to my email list and I will send you an exclusive video from inside The Great Pyramid!

DAY ONE: Arrive in Africa

On the way into Cairo the plane flew over the Pyramids! This was my first real glimpse of the Wonder of the World.

I stayed at the Pyramids View Inn hotel. Highly recommended. They arrange a driver to pick you up a the airport and take you straight to Giza where you will see this amazing view.

You can contemplate everything here.

Sunset. Day One.

From the hotel rooftop balcony you can view the Pyramids Sound & Light Show. Every night this happens and you'll have to check online to see what day they produce the show in your native language.

DAY TWO: The Pyramids & The Sphinx

Early morning sunrise on Giza Plateau.

This morning I meditated on the question of "How was it built?" The only answer I received was "Sound." We'll see how this plays out in the future as we discover the true nature of these fascinating feats of construction.

Breakfast consisted of beans, bananas, hard boiled eggs, honey, tea, pita bread, and the most delicious falafel I’ve ever had.

Setting out early for the Pyramids! It was incredible to finally see this sight in person.

The famous Sphinx, which is said to be much older than the Pyramids.

Camel ride, anyone?

Pyramid of Khafre

Pyramid of Khufu (The Great Pyramid)

Casing stones still present at the bottom of The Great Pyramid

It said no photography, but there were a lot of people taking photos with their camera phones.

Here’s a glimpse inside The Great Pyramid. This is a shot of the Ascending Passage.

With great precision, these monuments were built to stand the test of time.

Inside the “King’s Chamber” of The Great Pyramid. The sound echo and reverberation in this room is like nothing I've experienced before or since.

Inside the Grand Gallery of The Great Pyramid

One of the oldest ancient megalithic sites on the planet.

He convinced me to take a picture on the camel for a small tip. When in Egypt, right?

Horse-ride or camel-ride around the pyramids takes you to this picturesque location.


Living a dream.

Temple of the Sphinx

A different perspective.

Sunset after an amazing day in Egypt.


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