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The ideas and strategies in this book have helped me maintain a positive mindset in spite of crazy obstacles, travel the world (I’ve now been to every continent except Antarctica), set massive goals and achieve them over and over again, and help a lot of people in the process.


Meet Jack Simon

Digital Marketing Consultant – Mindset Coach – Author – Speaker – Traveler

In 2010 Jack founded a music festival that raised over $10,000 for a nonprofit to build urban gardens.
Producing the festival and subsequently starting a production company taught him how to step out of his comfort zone and began his journey to entrepreneurship.
Now he travels the world while building businesses and coaching individuals on mindset.


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Business Consulting

Digital Marketing, Websites, Strategic Development

Is your website bringing in new leads and making you money?

Let’s talk about solutions.

• Website redesign / optimization to generate leads and sales
• Search Engine Optimization
• Google Adwords
• Facebook Advertising
• Digital Marketing

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Mindset Coaching

Positive Power: A Blueprint For Personal Growth And Achievement

This online course is designed to transform your life through your mindset. The strategies within are used by top athletes, business professionals, and leaders around the world every day.

In this online course, you will learn about:

• How to use your imagination to create your reality
• The 8 dimensions of wellness: a holistic approach to living a healthier, happier lifestyle
• How to define your goals with clarity
• How to conquer fears and addictions
• How to overcome limiting beliefs and break free of your comfort zone
• Utilizing your breath for health and wellness
• The power of forgiveness
• and so much more!

Create Your Culture

A motivating and inspiring path to living a happier life, following your dreams, and turning your ideas into reality, Create Your Culture is a mindset of actionable intelligence backed by real-world examples and collective wisdom.

This guidebook containing the Create Your Culture philosophy teaches step-by step:

• How to define your own version of success and become happier in the process
• The 8 dimensions of wellness: a holistic approach to living a healthier, happier lifestyle
• How to know yourself, let your heart guide you, and create vision from within
• How to expand your mind in three different ways and become a better learner
• How to turn ideas into reality in six different ways, including the power of a magic board


jack create your culture book
custom merchandise jack simon

Create Your Culture Brand Merchandise

For your next adventure or just to wear around the house, each piece of clothing is created using only the finest garments.

Create Your Culture embodies the philosophy that everyone has a unique ability to make the world a better place. That’s you. Represent.


Client Results

“Before working with Jack we didn’t have a website and we needed one for online ordering. Jack made it easy for us to focus on our business while he worked to get our brand online. The new website increased our sales by 10% and now we have a great looking website for our customers. I would recommend Jack’s services to anyone because he is the best!”

Giovanni Caravello, Owner, Little Italy Pizza

“Working with Jack Simon on the redesign of the Mighty Souls website was quite simply magnificent! Jack has a clear vision of what he’s doing and clearly enjoys helping others bring their vision to life while also being incredibly responsive, fast, and fair!”

Sean Murphy, Bandleader, Mighty Souls Music

“Jack was so helpful in helping me revamp my business’s website. I really didn’t know what I was doing when I originally built it. I asked Jack to consult me on ways I could improve the site and he gave me a huge dose of inspiration and a list of tips on how to make it more modern. He is passionate about his work and because of his skill and expertise, our site looks completely different now. It has a much fresher and more efficient vibe. He helped me give it a serious upgrade and his consultation has really made a big difference.”

Jocelyn Brunotte, Owner, mind/body HAUS

“We had been looking for someone to do our website and we got lucky we discovered Jack. He came in and discussed thoroughly what our website would look like and how easy it would be to maneuver through it. He took care of designing it in a timely manner. There was little effort on our part. He made everything so easy! The new site has definitely increased our business!”

Jolynn Greer, Owner, Deli On The Square

“Jack and I worked together on my website and within a month I ended up on the front page of Google. Jack’s expertise in this area took my sales up 25% or more. I highly recommend Jack’s services.”

Jordan Rogers, Owner, Tiger City DJs

“Jack helped me monetize my art and setup my website. I had all these prints but I didn’t have the right set up. Jack made it easy and got it set up. Ever since then I’ve been making money and it’s been great! I don’t have to do all this extra work I was doing before. The website is streamlined. It’s been a super positive experience. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent! I recommend Jack Simon to make your website.”

Robert Kyle, Artist

“I’ve known Jack for the past 8 years and this guy is a true visionary with the heart to change the whole world. Jack has helped turn my dream into an actual business and now we both are nationwide with my coaching platform, MadPaperCoaching.com. His ideas are golden. He is a true genius. When I brought Jack the idea of my company, he shattered my expectations through the roof. We soft-launched the platform with no paid marketing to 444 email subscribers. Within one week, we had over 660 subscribers and created over $10K in sales and residuals. I learned the proper way to launch a funnel with Jack. Jack taught me the proper way of engaging sales to customers through the internet.”

Rico Smith, Real Estate Investor

“Jack helped me successfully quit my dead-end job and launch my piano business. That business is now covering all my expenses and then some – and I work an average of only 10 hours a week! Not only is he a great guy, he’s an entrepreneur with crazy work ethic. I can’t thank you enough Jack!! If you have the chance to work with this incredible man, DO IT.”

Tim Stanek, Creative Jazz Piano

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