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A motivating and inspiring path to living a happier life, following your dreams, and turning your ideas into reality, Create Your Culture is a mindset of actionable intelligence backed by real-world examples and collective wisdom.

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The ideas and strategies in this book have helped me maintain a positive mindset in spite of crazy obstacles, travel the world (I’ve now been to every continent except Antarctica), set massive goals and achieve them over and over again, and help a lot of people in the process.


This Book Is For All Kids, But Especially My Sister Libby. Libby Died


“…Simple, frank, and powerful … The text and art are bold and expressive … Uplifting.”
— The Dallas Morning News

“When five-year-old Jack struggled to understand the truth about his sister, Libby, he ended up revealing an even greater truth to thousands of other children….”
— Woman’s World, The Woman’s Weekly

“A child’s-eye view of a subject most adults find too distressing to talk about. … It’s the rare picture book indeed that can reduce a grown woman to tears at her office desk.”
— The San Antonio Express-News

“For opening a discussion, no book is more direct … Grief and hope spill onto intensely colored pages.”
— Publishers Weekly

“The book is beautiful and frank. It gives kids the chance to ask questions. The chance to know that they are not alone or the only ones with the twisted and knotted feelings. It’s warm. It’s sensitive. It’s powerful.”

“Poignant, humorous, sad and hopeful. Spiritual, yet non-denominational.”
— Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Center for Loss and Life Transition

“I love this book…. I would encourage people of any age to read and enjoy.”
— Helen Fitzgerald, Director of Training, American Hospice Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Also Published In Japan

“Did You Hear Me? She Died.”

Jack Simon was five years old when his sister, Libby, died. She’d been born with a rare disorder and wasn’t expected to survive six months. But she lived three and a half years, giving Jack plenty of time to get to know her. When she died, Jack struggled to understand how God could take away his little sister. Everyone experiences grief, but children express it differently. Afraid to ask questions that might make someone sadder, children often keep their sorrow locked inside. Jack’s mom, Annette, encouraged her son to talk about his pain, and she insightfully began a diary. Jack’s questions eventually became the picture book This Book Is for All Kids, but Especially My Sister Libby. Libby Died. His words were illustrated with his input by his mom, a graphic designer. A grieving Jack thought no one in the world could possibly know how he felt. In truth, his questions are universal.

Communication is especially important at a time of loss. Ironically, that’s exactly when no one quite knows what to say. Not even grown-ups. Which is why This Book Is for All Kids is the perfect way to help children and adults begin to deal with loss. Already used nationally in Ronald McDonald Houses and praised by authors, educators, parents, and professionals-including the American Hospice Foundation and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation -This Book Is for All Kids is a starting point for loving conversations about death, grief, and hope. Designed for children, this book is becoming a source of comfort for people of all ages and faiths. Ultimately, This Book Is for All Kids is for anyone who’s lost a loved one.